About Us

The Ulimate Extra for your  VW T25 Campervan.


A lightweight Glassfibre  VW T25 custom trailer.

The molds were taken from my own VW T25 trailer which I made 7 years ago from 2 halves of a VW T25 van which I had bought to break for much needed  spares.

This trailer always had lots of attention and admirers at VW events but was very heavy and did nothing for my fuel consumption!

This inspired me to build a replica trailer in lightweight GRP. After many many months spent carefully making molds from my original VW T25 trailer I am now able to produce lightweight Pods, which after mounting onto Galvanized steel chassis weigh in at a much more practical 300kg.

The trailers have fully independent suspension and hubs drilled to your request so you can fit the wheels of your own choice, VW, Merc, Porsche etc.

Exterior can be painted to match your own VW T25 Van or alternatively customized paintwork and themes are available on request (you choose the design the Wackier the better as far as I’m concerned!).

Interiors from the basic panelled + carpeted to Lush bar flat-screen and Sofa and Games console, or possibly a mobile shower-room if you would like to do festivals in Luxury without the usual portaloo toilet of horrors!


Prices start from:-

                               £3500 –T25 bare shell pod with tailgate in “gel-coat” mounted on chassis.

                               £3800 – as above T25 pod but paneled internally with insulated cavities and rear lights wired to trailer plug.

                               £5500 – as above T25 pod but fully prepared and painted , panelled + carpeted, including all fittings locks + catches , wheels, vinyls /glass.


If you have any special requests please feel free to email me your specifications for a personalized quote.

I would like  for every trailer  which leaves my workshop to be a one off!

So come on challenge me!

How different do you want yours?